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Google Classroom

Level 1: Learn Google Classroom in these six videos below.

GC: Step 1 -

Create a class & Settings

GC: Step 4 - Checking Student Work, Grading, Feedback & Comments

GC: Step 2- Posting Student Work, The "Classwork" Tab

GC: Step 5 - Creating Fillable Worksheets (using Google Docs)

GC: Step 3- Organization and Management in Classroom

GC: Step 6 - Student View in Classroom

Level 2: Advanced Google Classroom Features

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Tools to Improve Instruction and Amplify Use of Google Classroom

Google FORMS

Getting Started: The Basics

Create a Google Form

Question Types

Add Text, Images, Video, Importing Questions

Adding Sections & Sorting

Form Settings

How to Send & Add Collaborators

View & Manage Responses

Preview a Form

Advanced Tools for Google Forms


Google Docs Master

Google Sheets Master

Part 1

Google Sheets Master

Part 2

google sheet master.PNG
google sheet master.PNG

Google Slides Master


All About Google Drive

google drive.PNG

Chrome Tips & Tricks


Become a Google Certified Educator

google educator slide.PNG

Google Keep

google keep.PNG

Google & Chrome

Chrome Extensions (Intro)

Class Roster Extension

Google Cast For Education

GMAIL: Using Labels to Manage Groups

Print Friendly Extension

Chrome Tips & One Tab Extension is a digital lesson plan app.

Use the tutorials to help get you set up with digital lessons. 

Step 1: Create an Account

Step 2: Set Up Your Classes

Step 3: Add/Edit Your Lessons