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🖥️Go Guardian Reminders & Tips 🖥️

👉 Remember to SYNC your Go Guardian with your Google Classroom. DO NOT USE the "Add Classroom" button.

You want to Sync to your Google Classroom roster and Go Guardian roster match. Note: There is a lot of movement in the first few weeks of school, be sure to go through the "People" tab of your Google Classroom and remove any student who is no longer in your class, this will automatically update your Go Guardian roster as well.

👉 How do I check if I'm synced with Google Classroom? You will see the Google icon on the class tile. So, if it's not there, delete that class and create a new one by Importing it from Google Classroom. 

👉 Powerful Classroom Management Tools in Go Guardian - Lock Screens, Presentation Mode, and Chat/Announcement. 

For more details on these CLICK HERE!

As always, let me know if you have any further questions or need assistance.


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