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Managing Google Forms Quizzes

How do I keep my students from accessing a Quiz in Google Classroom (until I'm ready to assign it)?

1. Toggle the switch to "Not Accepting Responses" (see below). When you are ready, turn it on. You can toggle back and forth whenever you need to (ex. Make up test, etc.). If students click on the form it will let them know it is not active.

2. Password protect the form using the "section" feature. GC: Get Control of your Quiz & Set a Password! Keep in mind you would want a separate password for each period.

3. Remember, you always have the option to "schedule" or "save as draft." If you are posting the same quiz for several class periods, make sure it's not ASSIGNED until those students are in class. I hope you all had a great week, Camille As always, let me know if you have any questions - we can schedule a meeting (or phone call)! Go to for all previous posts.


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