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3 Powerful 💥Go Guardian Tools💥 for Classroom Management

Beyond monitoring students, Go Guardian provides several features to assist with classroom management. Click on the link to see a video demonstration!

1. LOCK SCREENS: When you "Lock Screens" the students are unable to use their device until you select "unlock." You can easily grab ALL your student's attention by locking their screens! This is a particularly useful way to repeat directions and/or expectations during class. It forces the students to stop working (and listen)! Yay! 👉 Check it out here!

2. PRESENTATION MODE: You have the ability to project your teacher screen to the entire class. That's right! You can increase engagement and make sure everyone is viewing the same information, providing a clear view of instruction for ALL students - even those in the back row! So, how do you share your screen?

3. *NEW* CHAT vs. ANNOUNCEMENT: Send 1:1 messages to students or announcements to the whole class! What's new? You can send individual announcements to students - they need to read and acknowledge before continuting to work. What does it look like?


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