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GC: A Sneak Peak at the STUDENT SIDE

There has been a lot of discussion in regards to the students submitting their work properly to Google Classroom - make time to remind your students how to properly function in the Classroom, sometimes they are unsure too. One of the things we love about online apps is that they update automatically, however, that means we need to make sure we are aware of the changes. Your students should not be going into their Drive to create documents and then sharing them with you - all this happens in the classroom. Check out the two examples below.

There are two ways you can assign work:

Option 1: (without an attachment/worksheet)

This is what the students see when you activate an assignment without an attachment. This assignment simply tells the student to write an essay. The students needs to select "Add or Create" and open a Google Doc. This doc will have the student name and assignment name on it by default. When the student is complete, they click "Turn In."

Option 2: (with an attachment/worksheet) This is what the student sees when you ATTACH something. In this case, the directions say "Write your essay on the Doc provided." This time the student simply clicks on the doc (they will not need to Add or Create). The Doc is named and ready for them to write on. They will turn in when they are done. 

Here is a video tutorial of the teacher and students side:

Join our district-wide classroom with code p8ptao - to interact as a student. It's a great way to see the student side and play around with the features.  Visit to see all tutorials and previous posts. Let me know if you need any help, Camille


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