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GC: Ready, Set, Organize!

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Welcome back everyone, Here is a checklist to prepare your Google Classroom (GC) for a new semester/school year:

  • Return all student work (this will transfer ownership back to them)

  • Archive OLD Classes - then you can delete a class (*suggestion: keep one as a sample to use the "reuse post" function.

  • You don't need to remove students as they WILL NOT have access after archived

  • Delete OLD class calendars (remember: every time you open a class a new calendar was created)

  • Delete OLD classes in Drive (*suggestion: make a folder to keep sample student work, then delete the class file, no need to keep all of them)

  • Now you're ready to set up your NEW classes

Have questions on these steps? Watch this video tutorial to see the steps in action.  Click Here: GC: Ready, Set, Organize!

Come by the "GO SLOW" workshop in B1 on Tuesday 8/14 @ 1-2 to work on your classes in the lab, ask questions, and collaborate with your colleagues!


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