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GC Tip: Use sheets to assign groups and topics for projects

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Don't spend your time passing around a "sign up" sheet or recording the student's teams/topics for a project. 

Have Google Classroom do it, while you spend your valuable time working with students.

Here's how...

1. Create an assignment for the project

2. Link a spreadsheet to the assignment that includes the information you want from your students. (Use whatever headings work for your assignment)

3. Give students "EDIT" rights

4. Students can see who has signed up and know which topics have already been selected.

EXAMPLE: In this example below, I had students sign up for a logo redesign project. It was an individual assignment but I didn't want anyone to choose the same topic (from 2 different periods). 

Tip: If you teach multiple periods, include the period. Everyone can be on the same spreadsheet and you can sort and manage the data later.

Tip: Keep last name and first name separate if you want to sort later by name

Tip: You can always look at the "version history" to get the play by play of students signing up. Let them know there is a revision history and deleting someone's topic so they can use it is recorded in the script. (File - Version History - See Version History) Email me with any questions. (find all posts at Let's work smarter, not harder!


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