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GC Updates!

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

As you know Google Classroom is an online app, so all updates are automatic and sometimes you will see changes overnight. Here are three important changes you may have noticed within the last month.

1. STREAM: The "+" sign is gone, and you just post (or reuse) from the top

2. CLASSWORK: There is a "Materials" options which allows you to post any resource files without it showing up as an assignment for students. You won't see points or due date. 

3. All classes created before the update will automatically look like the new version. However, they appear without the CLASSWORK tab. If you are referencing a class that doesn't have the CLASSWORK tab, here is an easy way to add it back. All classes should have Stream, Classwork, and People tabs at the top.

I will continue to send out changes as they are posted. Many of these changes are in response to TEACHER FEEDBACK. If you have a suggestion, be sure to post feedback to Google. They are listening... To send feedback, click on the question mark in the bottom left and select "send feedback"


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