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🙋How do I know what I need to grade in GC?🙋

"With so much going on in our Google Classroom's it's difficult to know what's been turned in - what do I need to grade?!"

This is a bit of a problem for me too. Here are your options...

Two choices:

#1: Click on the assignment to open the turned in data - it is kinda a pain that you need to CLICK to open this menu (for each assignment). I can see I have 1 to grade in this example.

#2: Go to the list of To-Do's (I like this one). You can select which class you want to look at and all your assignments are there along with Turned In, so you know what you need to grade. -Select To-Do (from the hamburger)

-You will see a list of what's been Turned In here:

If you have a chance, send feedback to Google (they will change it if they hear from enough teachers!)

Click on the question mark in the bottom left and copy this message: 

"It would be nice if we could see "turned in" status on the Classwork window (without clicking to open the menu) - can you add a red flag icon or something to alert the teacher an assignment was turned in, PLEASE!"


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