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❗❗IMPORTANT CLEVER INFO- PLEASE READ ❗❗ so you can assist your students with login issues

The purpose of this email is to provide helpful tips to assist your students with any login issues. Please read this email in its entirety, it will help you better inform and communicate with your families/students and allow you to assist directly from your Clever portal, decreasing downtime for your students!

1.  The ONLY username/password that you should provide your students with is for Renaissance Place. All other apps log in AUTOMATICALLY. For Renaissance Place your students will need to log in ONE time and then Clever will remember the password.

2. If your student can not log in to Think Central or Benchmark it's one of TWO reasons:

Option 1: THEY MANUALLY CHANGED THE PASSWORD - if your students change their password it will override our settings in Clever and won't allow them to log in. Please advise your students/families to not attempt to put in "other" usernames/passwords. This creates an issue and delay's time getting back in and working again. You can help with this - read #3

Option 2: THEY ARE NOT USING THE DISTRICT ISSUED CHROMEBOOK - The district Chromebooks have the Clever extension already installed on the device. The Clever extension is necessary to log in and remembers users/passwords. If they want to use their own device they can, but they will need to install the Clever extension. It's a one-time thing - but they will need it to log into the apps, otherwise, they will report to you that the "can't log in." There is a simple 3 step directions provided at on the Clever page. Please share this information with your families. If you are new to Clever, this page is also helpful for teachers to learn more about the Clever portal.

3. How can I help my students? You have the ability to help your students directly from your Clever portal. You can see if they put in manual credentials, you can "reset" the credentials for them, etc. The video goes through the main issues and how you can help. (Click Here)


🌟All this information has been added to your teacher Clever "cheat sheet" (attached), which was shared last year, but includes some updated information. Keep this one-pager handy. Also, refer to the Clever page at

Clever Cheat Sheet: Click Here


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