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📌 Keep all students on task 📌 push a website to ALL devices

Today's Tech Tip highlights another amazing feature offered by Go Guardian!

Use the "Open New Tab" feature to push a website to all (or individual) devices.

1. Once you started a session, Select ALL STUDENTS by checking the box in the top left, as shown below.

(or select specific students by checking the box next to their name)

2. Select "Open new tab"

3. Paste the desired URL in the space provided and OPEN TAB. The website will open on all devices.

🌟If you haven't logged on to your Go Guardian account yet, it's easy! 1. go to 2. Login with your Google credentials 3. IMPORT your class from GOOGLE Classroom 4. Click "Start Class" to run the session (all student devices will be recorded) For your reference, you can visit our Go Guardian resource HERE!


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