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📣 LIVE feedback with Talk & Comment 📣

Live feedback is both personable and meaningful.....and easy!

Use the Talk & Comment Extension - it will record your commentary and you can post the link back to your student in Google Classroom comments. This can be more efficient than spending time typing out all your comments. It is a powerful tool to have the students hear your voice responding to their work. (Note: this is not speech-to-text - it's speech-to-recording).

Step 1: Install the Talk & Comment extension from the Chrome Web Store: Click Here 

Step 2:  Click on the blue microphone icon, and begin speaking.

Step 3: Click the "green Check" when you are done.

Step 4: The link is ready for you to paste anywhere. 

(For example, paste the link in the comment box on the assignment in Google Classroom. When the student clicks the link, they will hear your voice recording).

BONUS TIP: Your students can install and use this extension too! 

How can you use Talk & Comment in your classroom?


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