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Managing Tabs in Chrome & One Tab

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Here are a few tips to managing your tabs in Google Chrome. These are some serious lifesavers, check it out!

1. Pin/Unpin Tabs: Right click and pin tab. This will keep a website available (pinned) even when you close and reopen Chrome. When you don't need to resource the site any longer just right click and UNPIN tab. This is a great option for class resources you know you need for a few days and don't want to bother bookmarking.

2. Ctrl + Shift + T:  Accidentally closed a tab? Press Ctrl + Shift + T to reopen...saves the day every time!

3. One Tab Extension: If you're like me and have a ton of tabs open all the time, use the ONE TAB extension to condense them into a list. You can always reopen all at once OR one at a time.

4. URL Link: Drag and drop the URL to the desired location and the link is automatically added. Drop into an email, doc, classroom assignment, etc. This is very useful in creating a hyperdoc or directions/resources for assignments. 

5. Use the bookmark bar: Add recently visited pages to your bookmark bar (ex. google classrooms, school bulletin, school website, drive, the hub, etc). Need a reminder on how? Here you go...CLICK HERE

(If you want to see these tips in action... CLICK HERE) Have a good week! Find all previous posts here. (All Posts | Tech Tips)

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