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*NEW* Extensions - Use these ✍️ highlighters/pointers with your Promethean✍️

Looking for a way to use a digital "pointer" during instruction?

There are several extensions available to suit your instructional needs.

Below is an image of a few examples of options.

Interested? Here is a link to the Chrome Web Store for several different "pointer" options: Click HERE

Just install the extension, test it out, see which one you like best! (You can always remove extensions and add as needed.) 🔥Bonus Tip: Remember you can use your wireless keyboard so you're not always tethered to your laptop. You can walk around the room and use the keyboard to click through slides, point to content, etc. Just plug the USB into the front of your board (or laptop) and make sure to turn it on.

Make sure to turn it on: Green is ON - Red is OFF


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