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NEW GC Launched Today!

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

If you haven't heard, Google began the rollout of the updated "classroom" today.  I have been previewing the beta version over the summer and will be sharing some information & tips over the next few weeks to help us all get acquainted.  Your OLD classrooms will look the same but if you create a NEW class, you will automatically be redirected to the updated version. Don't worry, it's not drastically different, and it is better!!! Particularly, posting assignments and feedback/grading will look and feel a bit different.  If you're curious, create a new class called SAMPLE and you can begin playing around with the interface. I will follow up with tutorials and "Go Slow" workshops in B1 for anyone who would like a casual setting for more in-depth testing and questions. Here are a few bullet points to get you started: New Google Classroom Tips and Tricks

  • The "Stream" tab shows announcements but assignments are now on the new "Classwork" tab.

  • Student work is now displayed in a feedback shell - when you open a student doc, you will have a sidebar for comments and can click from one student to the next without going back to the Classwork page (so awesome!)

  • There is now a cog for Settings and the class code can be found here.

  • You can now choose whether or not to receive notifications for each individual class (rather than an all or nothing setting).


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