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*NEW* Gradebook Feature in GC

I'm sure you have noticed by now the *NEW* Gradebook feature in Google Classroom.

Here is a rundown of the options: 1. The Grades page—Teachers can RECORD and RETURN grades from the Grades page. (Very convenient!)

2. Grading systems—Teachers can select a grading system for each of their classes - total points or weighted. (NOTE: Do not do this unless your grade book is completely aligned with Aeries - keep it marked "No Overall Grade".)

3. Grade categories—Teachers can assign grade categories to classwork posts. (Again, not necessary if you're not completely aligned with your Aeries grade book)

4. Overall grade—If a teacher chooses, students can see their overall grade for a class. (NOTE: Do not do this unless your grade book is completely aligned with Aeries. If you gave any assignment outside of GC and put a score into Aeries the scores will be different from each screen. 

5. Docs grading tool—Teachers can give feedback and assign grades from the Docs grading tool. This has been there since last year, helps for very efficient grading.

Overall, if all assignments for your class are not posted in GC, then you won't activate the overall scoring, weighted, or category options because the overall grade will show different in Aeries. It's just a nice place to record all scores for an assignment and return. 


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