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📱 *NEW* SCAN option in the GC Mobile App 📱 Share with your students/parents

Are you looking for an easier way to have students SCAN work into Google Classroom?

Google Classroom recently made it easier for students to SCAN work into their assignments without having to use a 3rd party application.

If you require students to SCAN items and attach them for submission, the GC scan option makes that workflow much easier for our students.

Some of your students may have already noticed the change, but it's worth mentioning to your class.

I created a "How to" doc for your students that you can add as a resource to your Google Classroom.

This will help show students/parents how to use the SCAN feature.

*Remember: This is for Google Classroom APP users (not on your Chromebook/PC)

▶️ Click Here to access the directions which can be posted as a resource in your Google Classroom!


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