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Send Google Feedback

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Hello Everyone,

I have been hearing some of the same questions/suggestions to improve Google Classroom. Google will listen, we just need to let them know. Click on the ? in the bottom left corner to SEND FEEDBACK (as shown below). Then, send the 2 suggestions below in addition to any suggestions you have. your CLASSWORK tab getting pretty long...too much for students to sift through?

- SEND FEEDBACK: Teachers should be able to collapse a TOPIC when the class is done working with it.

This will allow teachers to shorten the amount of information showing on the screen. (For example, I am done with Ch. 2 so all the assignments that I posted for Ch. 2 don't need to be visible - just the topic is sufficient) Second....isn't it a pain to select "MOVE UP" a million times to get your topic/assignment to the top of the list?

-SEND FEEDBACK: Teachers should be able to DRAG and DROP a topic/assignment within the much faster (and easier)! MORE POSTS = CHANGES in CLASSROOM

***Have any other suggestions? Email me! :)


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