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完 Spring Cleaning 完for GC, Go Guardian and Seesaw

Now that the school year is over, don't forget to take a moment this summer to "clean up" your accounts and prep for fall by following the steps below:

For Google Classroom:

1. Return Student Work - this will give the "rights" back to the student. For a shortcut...go to the grades page and you can return work for the entire class. 2. Archive Classes - Remember you will need to archive first, then you can delete each class (*PRO TIP: keep one class as a "sample" to use the "reuse post" function) 3. You don't need to remove students as they WILL NOT have access after archived 4. Delete OLD class calendars (remember: every time you open a class a new calendar was created) 5. Delete OLD classes in Google Drive (*suggestion: make a folder to keep sample student work, then delete the class file, no need to keep all of them)

For Go Guardian: Deactivate classroom sessions by Archiving or Deleting your classes (especially for those of you that have scheduled sessions)Archiving a class removes it from the Active tab of your Classrooms page and stores the classroom along with all of its session records away for safekeeping. Archived classrooms are transferred to the Archived tab and can be accessed and restored at any time. Deleting a classroom permanently removes it from your GoGuardian dashboard and cannot be restored. *PRO TIP: You will have a new roster next year and will sync your Google Classroom with Go Guardian, there is no need to KEEP the classrooms unless you are reusing the same class.


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