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Strategies to 🚫 BLOCK WEBSITES using Go Guardian🚫

During a GoGuardian session, you have a few options when you need to block students from a particular website!

👉You can quickly block an active website by clicking on the icon in the student's thumbnail and selecting "Close this Tab." This will immediately send a message to the student that this site is blocked. It will be blocked for the rest of the session.

👉If you're not sure what the icon/website is you can look at the URL or "Open the Link"

👉Lastly, for a more permanent solution, you can build a blocked website list. Just copy and paste the URL into your "Blocked Websites" scene. Apply the Blocked Website scene to your session.

For a video demonstration CLICK HERE. This video is limited to only COUSD users since it's a demo of a classroom.

Thank you to Larissa Mireles for allowing me to use her Go Guardian class for this demo!


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