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🗓️ Auto Schedule Sessions in Go Guardian🗓️

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Did you know you can schedule the days/times you want Go Guardian sessions to run? 🤔Why would I want to do that?

1. Less work for you - you won't have to press start and end a session throughout the day.

2. If you don't want to schedule ALL your sessions, you can schedule if you know you're going to be absent. This way you are still automatically monitoring/managing the class and any scenes you have applied are still active while you're away from the classroom. The substitute does not need to log in or access your Go Guardian account. It just runs for you. If needed, you can view the recording of the session(s) when you return.

👉How do I schedule a session? Click Here

*Bonus Tip: Secondary teachers, be mindful of when you begin a session. When you select "start a session" it will pull all the students into your live session and out of their current class. If you suspect another teacher may have started a session and your student(s) aren't available, just stop and restart your session.


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