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Tech Tip 💡 Don't start from scratch, use the "REUSE POST" option in GC 💡

It's that time of year tips are back!!!

You will receive a Tech Tip in your inbox every Tuesday. Tech Tips are tips and tricks to help you work more efficiently and proficiently; to support classroom instruction, management, and engagement.

Remember: All Tech Tips are archived on the website under the "Tech Tips" menu (CLICK HERE).

It's time to work smarter, not harder! Now, that you have used Google Classroom, you have a library of work that you can reuse for this school year. That's right, you don't need to retype all your assignments, find the attachments, and write descriptions. Just copy them over from your previous classes (and modify as needed!) Woohoo!

Follow these steps to REUSE any post:

✅ Open the class you want to post in. Click Create, then Reuse post.

✅ Select which class you want to copy from. You will have all current and archived classes available.

✅ Select the assignment you want to duplicate. Check the box to "Create new copies of all attachments."

✅ The assignment, announcement, or question will open up in the class you are reusing the post in. It will allow you to modify before posting. **Pay careful attention to due dates & point totals. When you're done, select "ASSIGN."

As always, reach out anytime with questions. I'd be happy to visit your classroom if you would like to schedule a one-on-one appointment. Just email me or schedule online through the website by clicking here!

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