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Try 🔥 Schoolytics instead of GC "To Review" Page

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Some of you have noticed that this past week the Google Classroom "To Review" page was broken!😭

It has been slow to load and not showing the counts. It seems Google has now fixed the issue, but it may be sporadic.

Now may be a good time for you to check out Schoolytics!

IT IS FREE and syncs with your current GC classes.

You can find work submitted, missing assignments, and send "high fives" to students that have turned in work.

You may even want to continue using Scoolytics instead of "To review" once Google Classroom fixes the bug.

Create an account and log into for free and check out your Home page and Action Items (shown below).

You can apply all kinds of filters! You can see ALL CLASSES in one place and you can click on "Turned in at" and sort by timestamp.

Try it out and see what you think - Create an account at Still not sure.....try it out before signing up? You can play with Mrs. Frizzle's demo account by Clicking Here. 📣Shout out to Alice Keeler for sharing and promoting this app.


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