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Tech Tip: Using 📣Voice Recordings to Create Feedback📣

You can use the Talk & Comment Extension to record commentary to share with your students.


It's much easier than typing lengthy emails or comments on assignments/projects and it adds a personal touch for your students to hear you, especially in our remote learning environment. 

Leave valuable and authentic feedback within a doc, private comments, in a slide deck, via email, etc. Just paste the link and your students can "hear" your commentary.

(Tip: Your students can use it too!)

How? (Watch Here OR follow the steps below)

Step 2: Click on the Talk and Comment Extension and begin recording your commentary. Press the Green Check when you're done!

Step 3:  You will be given a link you can paste/hyperlink anywhere (and you can playback your message if you want before sending)

Try it out and see what you think! If you have any questions let me know. (Tip: You can do the same using Screencastify if you wanted to provide feedback while showing your screen, your students screen, or showing your face - just paste the link in private comments, in the doc, email, etc.)


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