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Get Digital with your Lesson Plans!

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

It’s time to ditch that old lesson plan book and trade it in for a digital one! If you're looking for a good app to move into digital lessons there are a few good ones out there, but after testing many, I would recommend Planboard at


-Easy to set up & modify

-Accommodates multiple subjects/sections

-View and print options 

-Works on all devices

-Ability to copy the semester/yearly lesson plan over to the next year - no more re-writing!!!

-You can include hyperlinks, images, video, drive files, attachments, and notes within lessons

It’s so easy…

Follow the steps below to set up your digital book. Watch the tutorials for a hands-on demo.

That's it - You're ready to rock!

Feel free to email/call with questions or request a one on one learning session.

Happy Planning,


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