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Time for ✨Show & Tell✨ with CANVA

There are so many great ways CANVA is being used throughout the district by students, teachers, staff, counselors, and admin! I thought it would be great to share all those ideas with each other. If we all give ideas we can get ideas too! So, please share any way that youhave used CANVA with me so I can put together all the examples and share them back out with the group.

How have you used Canva? 1. Communication with parents (flyers, social media posts, newsletters, etc.) 2. Posts in dojo / remind (announcements/reminders) 3. Teacher-created resources (review sheets, slides, assignments, projects) 4. Student-created projects (send in a student sample) 5. School-wide events, PLC activities, ASB, Yearbook, Athletics, department collaboration Please respond to me ( and attach an example or send the link. Send in as many examples as you want. I will put them all together and send out everything I collect in a separate email.


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