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🕹️How to Check your Students Chromebook for Games🕹️

It's true! Students can install unwanted extensions and sometimes these games will bypass GoGuardian (Boooo!😩). This situation has come up a lot this month at various school sites. Having this discussion with the whole class is a good idea - remind them that extensions should not be installed unless approved.

But, we know that many of them will do it anyway, so how do we check?🤔

Here's what you need to know in order to monitor your student devices:

1. Check the extensions that your student installed, and remove them from Chrome as necessary.

      How? 👉  Click here for a demo (it's only 3 minutes) - learn how to see the complete list and delete it from the student's account.

2. Check the sites that are bookmarked, and remove them from the bookmark list as necessary.

      How? 👉 Click here for a demo - (it's only 2 minutes) - learn how to check the complete bookmark list and delete unnecessary items.


- Consider doing random Chromebook checks (if they know you are going to check the device they will quickly try and delete their extensions)

- Or check a student device after school is out

- Include technology infractions on your syllabus or classroom contract

- Once they realize you know how to check the device and consequences are in effect, this will help mitigate the issue. 

- Remember, we can't lock the student's ability to install extensions (there are a lot of good ones out there that provide support). However, you can send the name of any game extension to the IT department to be blocked; this will block that particular game/extension from ALL COUSD Chromebooks.

BONUS TIP: Remember, extensions and bookmarks are part of the student's profile. It doesn't matter which device they are logged on to. Anytime a student logs on to any device all of their extensions and bookmarks will follow them.


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