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It's Time to Screencast!

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Why all teachers should know how to screencast...

1. Extra Support: Many students may benefit from watching your instruction again, independently, with the ability to rewind if needed.

2. Absent Students: If students missed the lesson, they have an easy way to see the instruction/lesson missed. 

3. Flip your classroom - students can watch a video as homework and come to class informed, able to ask questions about content

4. Test Prep: a great way to offer a review for your students.

- There are several apps for screencasting, but I would suggest SCREENCASTIFY, all the options you will need are available for FREE and videos upload directly to drive. 

- Just add the extension to your chrome toolbar and Go! It's that easy. How does screencasting work? Click here.

- Need a reminder on how to add/use extensions? Watch the tutorial again here: Intro to Chrome Extensions

*Need some help? Have any questions? Just email me @

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