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Promethean ✨Updates to Spinner and Timer✨

Remember: The Promethean boards update automatically (just like your cell phone)! So, you may notice different features or functionality when you work with your board. Recently, the boards were updated and a few teachers shared concerns with the "new" spinner and timer. Here are some tips for working with these features.

Concern: The timer continues to ring until you manually stop it, it used to ring twice and turn itself off.

Solution: You can turn it off with the remote.

Concern: The spinner will pick a student and then reset itself so it will pick the same student again before going through the entire class list. The old one would go through the entire list before picking a student that was already selected.

Solution: In the settings for the spinner (tap the gear icon), toggle off “Repeat selection,” and it won’t allow duplicate (just like the old timer setting). It will reset when you close the spinner. Also, to get it out of the way without resetting, you can choose “minimize” in the sizes.


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