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🔐Secure your Classroom 🔐- LIMIT TABS in GG

One way we can manage our student's devices and help keep them on task is by "limiting" the number of tabs they have open using Go Guardian. By default, it is set to NO LIMIT.

How do I Limit the tabs open on my student's Chromebooks?

1. Determine the number of tabs necessary for the students to work on the assignment. For example: Google Classroom (1), Google Docs(2), iReady (3)

2. Go to the Scene feature and create a list (or modify an existing scene).

3. Name the scene and select "NEXT"

4. Select the limit amount and SAVE.

3. Apply the Scene:

👉Click Here to watch a video on setting tab limits (3min) *Bonus Tip* For more information about using scenes to block websites Click Here


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