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💥 SEESAW USERS (TK-2)💥 Easy way to get your students in class (no codes, no emails)

I have been working with a few teachers in adding students to Seesaw, so I wanted to share this shortcut for any of you who have not had students join your class yet. 

This will save you some serious time (and headache) and not require your parents/students to Join the class.

1. Log into your seesaw account and click on the 'wrench' icon in the top right:

2. Under the "students" section, click on "Manage Students":

3. Enter your students student mail address (the fast way to do this is log on to Clever and "copy" from your class list). 

🎥Here is a short video on how to do that if you need a little help!

4. Once all your students are added, you are done. The next time they log into Clever and click Seesaw, they will go right into your Journal, easy peasy!!! (NOTE: If you see any duplicate names, just want to keep the ones that show the Student Name along with their studentmail info (as shown in the pic above). 5. Once all your students are added, then you can invite families if you chose to do that as well. Student accounts need to be created before adding families.


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