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🤩GC Tips for a New Semester!🤩

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Helpful tips for starting a new semester in Google Classroom:

1. When you archive a class, all the assignments are still available via "reuse post"

2. When you archive a class, the students lose access to that class - you don't need to go through the process of "removing" all students.

3. When you archive a class ALL the student's work is preserved. Remember, it's in Google Drive and will stay there until you delete it.

4. Reduce the clutter: Keep only active classes on the main dashboard, and archive all the others.

5. Consider using a new class for the new semester.

6. Be mindful when you name your class, so you can easily identify the subject, semester, period (if applicable), and year from the dashboard. With so many classes, it's hard to decipher on the dashboard. (Example. S23 Math 1 P.3)

7. Keep your classroom linked to Aeries. Click Here for a reminder!


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