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Tech Tip: Use these 📌 ZOOM tools 📌 to help your students follow along during remote instruction

One way to help students follow along with instruction during a Zoom is to use the "SPOTLIGHT" and "STAMP" tool. The use of color and icons are helpful to help them track and draw attention to the necessary information. Detailed information is listed below. You can also 📹Click Here to see the tools in action.

STEP 1: Make sure the annotation tool is active in settings:

*Note: It's important to also check "only the user who is sharing can annotate" in order to keep your students from annotating while on the Zoom (see above image). You can also verify this setting when you launch your Zoom. Just select the "more" option and verify annotation is disabled (as shown below).

STEP 2: Share your screen. Annotations are only available when you are sharing.

STEP 3: Select the Spotlight Option and you have 2 choices, Spotlight OR Arrow

This is an example of the "Spotlight." It's much easier for students to see and follow this instead of your mouse/cursor.

Select the "Arrow" option to point at your text with an arrow.

STEP 4: Use the "STAMP" option to place stickers next to important information on your screen.

For example, here is an example of using a few stamps on your document. Add stamps and you

STEP 5: When you're done, you can "CLEAR" all annotations or use the ERASER when needed.

📹Click Here to see the tools in action.


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