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Is your Gradebook and GC ready for Spring semester? - View the ✅ Checklist ✅ Here

Students are being instructed to check their Aeries account and Google Classroom to prepare for tomorrow morning. Linking your Google Classroom, Zoom, and Aeries will provide this information and promote a smooth transition and less confusion as we begin second semester.

Checklist for success:

✅ Link your new/existing gradebooks to Aeries: Click here for detailed instructions. Remember, you will not need to "invite" students or give out a code; students will automatically be placed in the correct class based on Aeries rostering. Students will be added/dropped as needed (as long as you are linked up).

✅ Post your Zoom link in Aeries (see image below)

✅Some students will go directly to Google Classroom (not Aeries) to locate information and get to classes. Thus, post your Zoom link in Google Classroom (in addition to Aeries) so students can easily find it. Here are a few helpful tips:

- Post on the STREAM and in CLASSWORK

- When you post in CLASSWORK post as "Material" and don't give a topic - that way it will sit at the top of your classroom (see image below). (TIP: You can always organize it into a topic later, but for the first week or so make it easy to get to.)

- You can add the link to your header by putting it in the "Section" category of the Class settings. Be advised, this will not be a clickable link - students would need to copy & paste it in a new window.


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