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Tech Tip: Using Go Guardian to manage students 👉"at home" and 👉"in person"

Running on empty? Feeling overwhelmed trying to keep track of all your students - some students in class, some students at home!

It's a lot to manage and monitor.

Good News! You can use the power of Go Guardian to assist in providing continuous support to ALL students.

Use "SCENES" in Go Guardian to manage & monitor different groups or individual students. For example, apply scenes for "at home" students versus "in-person" students. Or apply scenes to different groups within your class.

For example, Phil Cliffe has one set up for Math time, one for iReady time, and one for AR/Reading time. If you apply a scene to the whole class, those students who are home right now can't get in to do other work. So, select those students who are home, and apply a different scene just for them. That way, they can work without getting blocked.

How do I create "Scenes?"

If you are not familiar with creating and applying "scenes," this article will help you get started.

There is a brief 3-minute video at the beginning that explains the article: CLICK HERE

If you get stuck or have any questions, let me know I can help you set up your Scenes! Thanks for your inspiration and allowing me to share your example Phil - you rock!


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