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Tech Tip: Using 🎌 QR Codes 🎌 in the classroom (and for back to school night!)

Let's talk QR Codes! They are so easy to create and there are so many ways to use them in the classroom. They are also a great way to spice up your back-to-school night! Keep reading....

When you are online, click on the share icon to quickly create a QR code. Whether you online using a Google application like Google Docs, Slides, Sheets or on a website or YouTube you can create a QR code right from the search bar. Love this new addition, makes it so easy!

Another "free" option is to use (your students can use this too) - paste your URL and generate a custom URL. Change the color, add an image, etc! Your students will have fun customizing their code (and you will too!)

💡Here's an idea! Have your students record themselves talking about their project/piece (this can be audio or audio/visual using their Screencasifty subscription or Flipgrid). Turn the recording into a QR code. Print & Attach the QR code to the student sample that you have hung up in the classroom. Then, have the students do a gallery walk and listen to some of their peer's presentations. You can add QR codes in dioramas, posters, book reports, etc. Or, Spice up your back-to-school night by adding a QR code to a piece of student work that's on display. Parents will love seeing their child's work come to life as they talk about the project "live." Here's an article with some more ideas: 8 Ways I Make Learning Fun by Using QR Codes in the Classroom


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