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iO / Aeries Updates!

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Good Morning, Please read the updates below for iO and Aeries.


You ARE able to have your students test in a SECURE browser! Here's how:

- Instruct students to NOT log in, simply click the "app's" icon and select EADMS when the chromebook is powered up (see image below). This will take the student directly to the "log in" screen and will lock their ability to bring up any other screens until the test is complete.

-After test is submitted, it will go back to a log in screen. Students can press the POWER button and log off from there.

Important Note: ***If students are logged in, the secure browser feature is not available***

2. SENDING PARENT EMAILS IN AERIES: -The "Email  to Parents" function is back and you can select it. However, the parents are NOT receiving the emails at this time (you won't receive a confirmation email either). Our IT department is aware and working on the situation with Aeries.


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