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✈️ New ✈️Zoom Features: Attendance, Polling, Co-Host✈️

Once you upgrade your COUSD Zoom account you will see a few new features:

1. Attendance: Every zoom will now generate a "report" which you can take attendance from. The report is generated automatically and will be logged in your zoom account. This will be for all Zooms generated AFTER your upgrade, so previous Zooms are not logged. CLICK HERE to see a video on generating Attendance Reports.

2. Co-Host: Yay!! The Co-Host is back. Just go into your settings and toggle it ON (blue means activated).

3. Polling: You can activate "Polling" in your settings as well. It will show up on your Zoom bar. 

You can add Polling to any scheduled meeting. You will see this option on the bottom of your meeting information as long as you activate "Polling". You can create your questions and the name of your poll on this page. Then, when your in your Zoom, it will be available for your participants when you activate "Polls." You can add, edit, or delete any polls associated with the meeting from here as well.

During the Zoom, you can run the poll, share results with students, and you can go to Reports to view polling results.

To see polling "in action" CLICK HERE. Happy Zooming!


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