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⏰ Save Time ⏰ Pin the Classwork Page in GC

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Get to your classwork page in GC quickly by bookmarking the "Classwork page"

By default, you will always land on the Stream when opening a class. Save time and make a bookmark that will take you directly to the Classwork Page instead! (NOTE: You may have done this last year and now need to update the links for this year's classes!)In fact, you can customize your bookmark bar for all of your most frequently used sites.

How do I do this?

👉CLICK HERE to see a demonstration OR follow the steps listed below.

1. Make sure your bookmark bar is active. (If it's not showing, Press ctrl + shift + B)

2. Then, Go to your classwork page, and press the star to add it to bookmarks. Rename so you can read in the bar (for example: P2)

3. You should see your class in the bookmark bar. (Note: if you have a lot of bookmarks (like me), Google can only fit so many on your screen.) If you don't see it on the bookmark bar yet, open the window by selecting the "three dots" menu in the top right, then select "bookmarks." Locate your bookmark and drag and drop it to the bookmark bar.

Want to see these steps in action? Click here to watch a 2-minute demo to get you started.

As always, reach out anytime with questions. I'd be happy to visit your classroom if you would like to schedule a one-on-one appointment. Just email me or schedule online through the website by clicking here!


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