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Tech Tip: 🕵️Need to REUSE a Google Form from last year?🕵️ DON'T Make Copies

Many times we need to REUSE the same Google Form from year to year for a new set of participants. 

Remember to REUSE and DON'T MAKE COPIES!

Why shouldn't I make copies? When you do this, you end up with several copies of the same survey (over and over) in your drive, along with several copies of the same response file.

Why should I use the "REUSE" function? This will allow you to use the same form multiple times, so you only have ONE version of the Form in your drive. It also maintains only ONE response file. For each use, the responses are logged on a new TAB, not an entirely new spreadsheet. So fabulous!👏

How do I REUSE a Google Form? This is a quick and easy process. Complete the three steps listed below - OR watch a demo of the steps by 👉 CLICKING HERE

1. Unlink Your Google Form

2. Delete All Current Responses (Don't worry, you still have the responses recorded on your Google Sheet file)

3. Relink Your Google Form (to the existing response file)

Watch a demo of the steps by 👉 CLICKING HERE

**BONUS TIP: Need a Google Forms refresher or want to learn more? 

You can find Level 1: The Basics and Level 2: Advanced learning modules at (in the G-Suite tutorials section)

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