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Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Instructions to E-Sign & Send

*Each step has directions and a short video to demonstrate*

*You must be logged in with your COUSD email to watch videos*

⭐Step 1: Prepare your Report (6 pages per sheet) - 🎥Video Tutorial: Click Here

  • Go to Aeries and run your weekly attendance report.

  • Select “View Report”

  • Save as PDF and request 6 pages per sheet. This will allow your document to put all days on ONE sheet of paper.

  • Select “SAVE” and give the download a name. (Hint: consider creating an attendance folder and use a consistent naming convention, for example “attendance_8/17”)

⭐Step 2: Open & Sign the PDF

  • Open the report you saved in Step 1

  • Sign the Report using one of the three ways mentioned below (click on the link to watch the video tutorial).

🎥Option 1: Use the “smallpdf” extension (this is the easiest)

🎥Option 2: Sign using Adobe DC Reader

Option 3: Print & Sign - Take a pic/scan

⭐Step 3: Email the “SIGNED” report to your attendance clerk.


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