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Link GC to Aeries

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Did you know?

If you link your Google Classroom to your Aeries class all new students will automatically be added to your class, and your classroom will open when the link is clicked (No class codes required - yahoo!). No need to stop class for new students. Only 4 steps and you're done!

1. Go to your home screen - select "Add Website"

2. Select Link

3. Select the correct class name:

4. Select OK!

And done! 

Check it out...your class code (same as your GC) is now in aeries. Any new students will automatically be added to this course. If parents/students click on "visit website" your classroom will open for them.

Note: On step 2, if you select create, it will create a new class (and code) and import ALL your students. This is helpful at the beginning of the year, but not if you already created your classes.

If you mess up, you can always "unlink" by clicking the pencil (next to visit website)

Email me or call with questions OR visit for all resources


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